Saturday, May 16, 2020

I have never seen anything as beautiful as the day I saw nothing. Jesus said, "they have eyes, but do not see, ears but do not hear", I know what he meant now. I am "looking" right at it. It is all the love that God has for us. I am in the hospital, looking at a wall. Somehow I thought it would be much more glorious.

The Fall Of The American Empire

The "free world" is how the USA has been described, and refered to as the leader, the driving force. I am a fan of free markets and the opportunity for anyone, regardless of their circumstances to be able to launch themselves to unbelievable wealth, if fate so allows it. Ideally, when wealth is achieved, it's possessor would make good use of it. Unfortunately, the evils of human darkness sometimes overshadow the good. Even the engine of profit margins for shareholders, who blindly and anonymously await their returns, causes human suffering in its wake. Nameless corporations, set up with little to no responsibilty for the havok they wreak. Powerful forces mow down benevolence as an obstacle in their path. It becomes it's own entity devoid of human spirit, lacking in respect for life. The voracious appetites for dominance seek to grow at any cost, the cost of someone else, of course. Even manipulating the laws of nations to further their positions, often at the detriment to the public. Even intentionally deceiving, distracting, manipulating, incessantly becoming an unstoppable destructive force. It has lost it's allegiance to its country and made global allegiance. It sold so much to its countrymen that their debt became larger than was possible to repay, and it cast them and their flag away like a used up rag. We did this ourselves. We allowed our leaders to spend us into a debt we would never be able to repay, and our bankers now want to reposess the principal. Yes, just like it would be if we were financing a car or a house. The bank, whoever that is, whoever we owe the trillions, they now own us, our government, our law enforcement, everything, and they want control of their principle. This has been building for quite some time. It started when the gold standard was anandoned.
Now, it is rearing it's ugly head boldly and is pushing openly for global control. It plans to diminish the population it will need to support, keeping only the most useful for its survival and perpetuation. It plans to eliminate currencies and regulate the capital of its public by installing a computer chip in every human being. The data will be the individual's entire contibution to its lords. It is the fall of the American Empire.

Sunday, March 22, 2020


We doubt the relevence of the invisible, intelligent force which makes all things possible. We underestimate the reward and retribution it wields. We pretend that we are the forgers of fate,  lone soldiers in battle, taking on the dark obstacles which cross our path. We struggle alone because we don't believe. We pit ourselves against Nature as something we must conquer. From our tiny corner of the Universe, we imagine we can alter Her course. When the Ocean pushes a wave over the sand, the sand surrenders itself to its mighty power. The Wind tears at Man's handiwork, and it is swept away. Sickness takes away the weak, so that Man can survive. Man cannot survive alone. Man has a friend in God, and he had better keep Him close, lest he be banished from the Earth. God sustains life, God is in charge.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Daughter of the Lord

I don't need a dime because she makes me feel a billion times that
Because she values things that can't be found on this planet
On the ground she'll hypnotize,
Her spirit's flying through the skies
It's a love you'll never find
With your finite mind.
Woman of the Lord, all the faith of God
She sees the things that no one sees
Believes the things that few believe
All the things we call divine
You'll never know with your finite mind
Everlasting love
You'll never know with your finite mind

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Insightful Aspirations

"They have eyes but do not see, ears but do not hear". This was from the words of Jesus referring to those who did not understand his teachings.

"There is a language of Heaven; the soul knows this language. It is a language communicable to the soul of man as a person, to the soul of man as a race, and to the soul of man as a nation. When men are equal in the light, they understand this language; their greatest deeds and their noblest acts come forth-and they stand at the pinnacle of God's Plan for them"
Ann Ree Colton, The Human Spirit.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


A writer? One who will wax poetic
Arrange the words and facts magnetic
Stir the ethers into a shape
The lips from stiff to agape
Bring together all the years
Bring the strongest one to tears
Hope to the weary
Trust to the leary
Just in time, lift a pen
From lonely dim lit den
Shine a light into the dark
In cold and damp ignite a spark
Comfort delivered to a need
Oft not ever took to read
Whether or not a soul relate
Never need negotiate
The idea that blows through the ages
Forever jotted on endless pages
Not for glory, nor put under sod
But to help extend the hand of God!

Monday, January 7, 2019


Enter the void, the eternal spaces
See the blank look on the faces
Listen to that which can be extricable
That which is known to be inexplicable
Clamor to know or ignore instead
Words from the living as well as the dead
Not a common sense is bided
Something beyond perchance ignited
To know a neutrino of what exists
Beyond the table we pound with our fists
Of ethers, of clouds, fog and mist
Without which nil could ever exist
Coming with birth and decay
The grim reaper lights the way
Here no season, pagan, or vernal
Believe on the One, this is eternal.